STARDUST ft. Glance Off

This Saturday at Club Haus 80’s Milano:
GLANCE OFF! – Stardust ‪#‎week19‬

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Line up:
Glance Off
Lorenzo Fassi


Glance Off Official Biography:

“Raffaele Iannucci, Dj and Producer, member of Yellow Bus Project, was
born in Milan in 1980 but he lived and grows up in Rome, city where his
passion begins and where he learns, during his adolescence, the first
musical lines and he starts more to get into the different vibes that
surround him.
He often plunk school and locked up in the vinyls shops of the capital
where he founds a valid alternative to the school lessons.
First a Bedroom Dj, then the private parties up to the debut in Roman
clubs including the Piper, Loft, Alpheus some of which fully underground
as the Open Gate, Qube etc…
At the age of 18 he moved to the Adriatic coast, one of the most active
areas regarding club music in Italy. Here he was definitively tainted by the
sounds from the clubs, increasing his background thanks to the
collaboration with the most important clubs.
In 2006 he permanently moved to Milan, where he works actively in
various parties and situations, sharing the stage with international big DJs
like Little Louie Vega, Hector Romero, Kenny Carpenter, Satoshi Tomie,
Robert Owens, Michel Cleis, Jamie Jones, Yaya, Italo Boyz, Jeff Mills, Silvie
Loto, Andrea Oliva, Alex Neri, Coyu, Syrossian, Cassius and many more.
He becomes resident of some important venues in Milan and
contemporarily he is hosted by many Italian and European clubs.
Raffaele participates in musical broadcast programs in England and
Germany, as well as to the WMC in Miami where he had the opportunity to
know and collaborate with world-famous artists.
During these experiences he establishes many partnerships, sometimes
flowing into musical collaborations that bring him to relate himself with
the insiders of the Italian and international panorama, standing out his
dowries from great communicator and his endless passion for the music.
Nowadays he regularly plays in various clubs in Milan and he is guest in
the Loop Tuesday evening (underground mold evening) at the club Eleven
in Corso Como where he hosts Dj friends and international Producers.
Guest in clubs such as Amnesia Milano, Factory (Fiesta Loca party and
Detroit), he participates as a prominent artist in various festivals such as
the official Time Warp after, the Recycle, the Draft & Kraft.
Today he’s considered one of the most present artist in the Milan consoles.


Walter had a wonderful professional experience in nightclubs and disco’s
such as the Yankee, Cellofan. Goa, Gilda. In 2002 he joined “Le Jeu” group
of Walter Rizzo working for the best clubs of Naples in collaboration with
some DJs from Question Mark and Angels of Love, in partnership with
Arte Dinamica whose art directors were Tina Lepre and Leopoldo
Mastellone. Thanks to this outstanding experience Waltek started to work
directly with Tina Lepre, among the most famous DJs such as Tony
Humphries, Mike del Gado, Oscar G., Tommy Musto, Mousse T., Deep Dish,
Claudio Coccoluto.
At the same time he established, with a grop of friends (the art directors
Marco Diletto and Zenzo Losasso, and dj Danilo M.), the “Gangster in
Paradise” with which quickly conquered the hearts of the university
students through the successful “Thursday Nights”.
All the gigs and the great live experiences for Waltek were not enough.
After searching, stolen craft, experienced, played, he needed something
more. He began to read up on what might be the best sound engineer
courses in Italy. The best … budget permitting. He sent dozens of emails to
various schools to request information, but no one answered, except for
the Music Lab Studio of Turin. They proposed a course funded by the
Piedmont Region, only 9 out of 500 candidates. Waltek passed the
selection earning the best year of his life.
In 2008 Waltek meet the style of Luca Ricci, talented dj performer, dj
producer and owner at the Aenaria Records.They started to collaborate
on some beautiful Deep House tracks released with Aenaria and Aenaria
Tribal Label with a great success.
A very important meeting was with the Legendary Terry Hunter thanks to
the friends of DNZ network, Zenzo Losasso and Diego Dentico. Waltek
was very stunned when Terry decided to release with his T’s Crates the
first track from an Italian producer. So was born D.Vago an Afro Deep
Track with special remixes from Terry Hunter. So many collaborations
started to open with big artists such as Abicah Soul with which Waltek
releases My Dream. The latest work with T’s Crates was Get Lost, an ep of
great success.
But then was time for the next fase for Waltek. New inspirations and the
research of a different kind of vibes.
Waltek was one of the three winners of the Carl Cox’s Revolution DJ
competition 2013. He had the opportunity to perform for the Pulse Radio
takeover at Space Ibiza.
After the experience @ Space Ibiza with Carl Cox, Walter works out some
techno promo tracks developed with the exclusive a cappella Carl Jump.
With Glance Off he really founds his own mood a new music dimension
approaching a more electronic/techno sound.”