STARDUST ft. Nakadia

Sabato 09/05/2015 @ Club Haus 80’s
NAKADIA – ‪#‎StardustGeneration‬

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Line up:
Brina Knauss
Enrico Elia


Nakadia official biography:

“Thai country girl turning global icon – this unique fairytale of the 21st century describes the career of Nakadia with a few words. Nakadia is loved for her music as much as for her personality and she is out to conquer the world with her strong tech tunes

Growing up without running water in a rural village in Thailand meant the harsh realities of a poor life left no chance for a career in electronic music. However, after being invited to Germany in 2002, one night clubbing changed all that and filled her with a spark that transformed her life into what it is today:

NAKADIA – one of the world’s very few globally successful female electronic music artists.

Fresh from the buzz of that night, Nakadia took turntables home to Thailand and started shaping her craft. Unguided by other DJs and with no club scene for inspiration, she practiced relentlessly to develop her own sound. It was only when she moved to the Thai island of Koh Samui in 2003 where she came into contact
with a small electronic music scene and got some first practice in playing for European tourists.

Nakadia’s first years as a DJ were all about the growth of her personal sound and style. By 2004, her first year as a full time DJ, she already performed 55 gigs across 12 countries. Over the next four years Nakadia found herself in the sounds of Deep House, Tech House and Techno. Ever since, this lovely young Thai girl has been bringing her underground sounds to the dance floors of legendary venues like “Watergate“ Berlin, “Cafe D Anvers“ Antwerp, “The Egg“ London, “D Edge“ Sao Paulo, “Lola“ Shanghai, and “Glow“ Bangkok, just to name a few.

ANTS – one of Ibiza’s top events – heard about Nakadia and invited her for a first set at Ushuaia. After the incredible reaction, Nakadia is now part of the ANTS colony on Ibiza.

With a huge portion of raw talent, fearless mixing, but most of all her incredible energy, she turns every doubter into a Nakadia-lover. Without a big label behind her name and no top manager pulling the strings, her success is purely self-made, based on the results she delivers both in the DJ booth as in the studio. In a time where labels matter more than anything, Nakadia proves that quality tunes and genuine love for music can make the difference.

On February 7, 2015 Nakadia will host no other than legendary Sven Väth on the beach of Koh Samui. Back where it all started she will set a milestone for her career. people are flying in from all corners of the world for this special event that will set new standards for clubbing Thailand.

The relentless pace of her touring made it hard for Nakadia to find studio time early in her career. Step-by-step she released first tracks in 2005 and 2008. But it wasn’t until 2012 when she chose to focus more on production before her tracks really took off. Nakadia scored her first big club hit during summer of 2013 with her “Check&Run” EP on Clarisse records. The illustrious TECHNASIA supported with
a remix and this tune remained in the Beatport Techno top 40 for 12 weeks. During 2014 Nakadia devoted more time to the studio and the resulting EP’s will be available from January 2015 onwards. Her next highlight is a project with legendary GEORGE MOREL, scheduled for release on Get Physical Music at the beginning of 2015.

With far over 100 high profile bookings across the world each year Nakadia is already going strong…. But these are just the opening chapters of a truly unique career that so far has been nothing short of a
musical fairytale.”